Monday, 18 August 2014

Healthy us


     Yesterday we learnt about two things
  • Healthy Earth
  • Healthy you

Health Earth was about how our rubbish is making its way to the sea and killing animals like turtle, ,seals, birds and whales.

Healthy you is about seeing how much sugar are in our lunch box yesterday we learnt about how rubbish is move to the sea
  • my burger rings have less than >lg
  • my bluebird Rashuns have less than 120G
  • my tin teddy have less than 16.1G
  • my hundreds and thousands have less than 200G


  1. Wow Lynette how do you know all of this knowledge? It must be awesome understanding stuff like that. I think you just need to remember to have capital letters every time a new sentence starts.

  2. Hi lynette I love your work you should feel proud of it thanks for helping me about healthy stuff now I will try to put apples in my lunch box and more fresh stuff thanks for helping me a lot cool work.

  3. You are very smart Lynette

  4. Hey Lynett, I never knew you know that much stuff about sugar. "KAMO TE WEHI"!